C Gleeson
Isle of Man, Channel Islands, G.B. Islands and Airmails
Postal History, Stamps, First Day Covers, telephone cards, postcards and coins.
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GB QV 6d purple embossed used
6d embossed

GB QV 1/- green embossed used - nice example
1/- embossed

GB QV 5d Jubilee fine used
QV 5d Jubilee

GB QV 10d Jubilee used
QV 10d fine used

GB KEVII 2d, 6d and 1/- fine used
KEVII 1/- 2d, 6d and 1/- deep green and scarlet - good colours, cds cancels; nice group

GB QV Jubilee group fine used vals to 1/-
QV Jubilees used

Cambridge sideways duplex on 1856 cover. Bompas correspondence
AU 10 1856 Cambridge sideways duplex on cover to London

Channel Islands HERM 1959 Princess Margaret Visit
HRH Princess Margaret June 1959 set on illus FDC

Channel Islands HERM 1962 Anti Malaria FDC
7 Jun 1962 Anti Malaria set on illus FDC

Channel Islands 1953 London to Guernsey BEA FFC 6d+1d
20 Oct 53 BEA letter Service 6d+1d on FFC London to Guernsey

Cheltenham sideways duplex on cover to Isle of Man 1855
NO 16 1855 Cheltenham sideways duplex with Isle of Man double arc in green receiver on reverse

Isle of Man 1981 Snaefell cachet on Derby Castle Station rp ppc
26 Sep 1981 Snaefell Summit cachet on Douglas ppc

Isle of Man Joey Dunlop 1981 TT COIN cover SCARCE
8 June 1981 Motorcycle illus coin cover

London to Isle of Man 1901 cover with Douglas squared circle receiver
OC 19 01 cover used London to Isle of Man with squared circle receiver on reverse - unusual

Isle of Man Port St Mary 1968 Skeleton on cover
PSM skeleton on commercial cover

Isle of Man 1880 cover to Norwich with QV 1d venetian red
JY 23 80 QV 1d venetin red on cover used Douglas 407 duplex with Norwich receiver on reverse

Isle of Man 1923 Laxey D/R on rp ppc
Minorea Laxey real photo ppc used Laxey double ring 26 JY 23

Isle of Man 1935 Port St Mary skeleton on harbour ppc
17 JY 35 KGV S. Jubilee 1d on cover used Port St Mary skeleton

Carlisle to Isle of Man 1887 cover with Douglas Code J receiver on reverse
Ju 3 87 seed merchants crested env used Carlisle Code O6 16 duplex with on reverse Liverpool transit and Douglas Code J arrival.

Isle of Man 1888 cover with pair QV 1/2d used Douglas
No 6 88 cover to Edinburgh used Douglas 407 duplex