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Channel Islands Alderney 4d wilding on ppc
30 5 66 Chateau Clonque view ppc used Alderney

Channel Islands Alderney Hovercraft trials card
27 AP 72 Alderney hovercraft trials 25 flown

Channel Islands Alderney 1963 Europa FDC
16 SP 63 Alderney Europa set on FDC

Channel Islands Alderney 1979 large registered postal stationery used
8 Aug 1979 large size registered postal stationery envelope used Alderney

Channel Islands Alderney 1968 4d & 5d FDC
Guernsey 4d and 5d on illus FDC used Alderney

Channel Islands Alderney 1963 Europa on REGISTERED Guernsey E FDC
Alderney 1963 Europa registered FDC

Channel Islands Alderney 1970 FFC misplaced printing
16 NO 70 Aurigny FFC with misplaced illustration on cover

Alderney - Southampton 1972 Anniv FFC
20 MY 72 25th Anniversary direct flight Alderney to Southampton

Channel Islands Xmas 1968 Express FDC used Alderney
23 No 68 Childrens Toys illustrated FDC used Alderney Code B double ring

Channel Islands Alderney 1962 Europa FDC
Alderney 1962 Europa First Day Card

Channel Islands Alderney 1963 Europa large FDC. SCARCE
Alderney Europa 1963 large first day card. Scarce size

Channel Islands Alderney 1962 Europa GERMAN language FDC
Alderney 1962 Europa on German Language first day card.

1979 Postal Strike Alderney 3 x 2 diff via Isle of Man
Alderney Aircraft overprinted Postal via IOM 3 on 2 diff Europa 1965 issues. Strike was at Southampton, therefore no post was handled from Channel Islands and went via IOM

Scotland 1880 TPO to Alderney
SP 23 80 1d on cover used Glasgow-Carlisle Sorting Tender Code 7 to St Martin's ALDERNEY, with Crosshill Code D cds dispatch and Guernsey SP 25 receive on reverse. Unusual

Channel Islands Herm, etc x 4 diff Hovercraft cards
1972 Hovercraft cards. UK - Herm, Herm - Guernsey, Guernsey - Alderney and Herm - Sark. Nice group

Channel Islands mainly Alderney Europa sets
Commodore labels Europa overprints sets. Alderney 1962, 64, 65, 66 ans Sark 1962. Unmounted mint

Channel Islands Alderney Europa 1963 opt on ships MNH. SCARCE
Alderney 1963 Europa overprints on Ships set unmounted mint. Scarce set

Channel Islands Alderney Europa 1963 ships set used
Alderney 1963 Europa overprint ships set used

Channel Islands Alderney ships set used
Alderney shipping set used. SCARCE

Channel Islands Alderney 2012 sets MNH
Alderney 2012 commem sets unmounted mint. Face value 13+