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Isle of Man 1849 Castletown UDC on EL
De 10 1849 id imperf - 4 margins on cover used 407 numeral with on reverse Castletown UDC in blue and Douglas double arc arrival. nice item

1843 2 covers illus need for new Castletown cancel and traveller
1843 Castletown to Douglas JU 8 and Castletown to Jurby OC 3 showing necessity for 2 line to be replaced as it is now little more than a smudge. 2 line Castletown overstruck by IM Traveller WH 33 and UDC early dateon other cover. Nice illustrative pair

Isle of Man Govt House printed env Signed Walpole
SP 14 88 QV 1d lilac on cover used Douglas duplex signed Spencer Walpole Governor. On reverse Government House

Isle of Man 1878 Clinch Brewery crested cover to Oxford
AP 22 78 1d plate 199 on cover to Oxon used 407 duplex with on reverse Clinch Brewery crest, Oxford transit and Eynsham arrival AP 23.

Isle of Man 1881 cover Castletown - Ballaugh
No 7 1881 QV 1d lilac on Attorney General IOM crested envelope used Castletown 037 duplex with on reverse Douglas part 407 duplex transit overstruck by Ballaugh single ring receiver. Unusual

Isle of Man Castletown - USA entire. Liverpool ship letter scarce type 1841. IOM date error 1840
Jan 8 1841 entire letter from James Cain to Vermont endorsed by private ship and manuscript paid 8d, on reverse 2 line Castle/town script, Isle of Man double arc JA 8 1840 - date error should be 1841 and circular Liverpool Shipletter JA 9 1841. Interesting contents on the assimilation of Manx currency to British currency.

Isle of Man 1848 cover with double arc in green
MY 3 1848 outer to London bearing id imperf used 407 with Isle of Man double arc in green on reverse and London arrival 5 MY

Isle of Man Douglas Bay QV vignette ppc used 1901
Douglas Bay vignette ppc bearing QV 1/2d used Douglas 407 duplex

Isle of Man 1895 Port St Mary direct mail bag cover to Sheffield
FE 15 1895 cover bearing 1d lilac used Liverpool 1 FE with on reverse Port St Mary Code A single ring dispatch and Sheffield FE 18 arrival

1843 letter from USA to Isle of Man. Liverpool SHIP LETTER
1843 letter from Thomas Quilliam to Douglas with hand struck 8 and on reverse Liverpool Ship Letter SP 10 43 and Isle of Man double arc receiver SP 11.

Isle of Man 1887 London - Douglas readdr Jurby Postage Due cover
JU 23 87 cover London to Douglas, readdressed to Jurby with manuscript 1 postage due.

Isle of Man 1843 EL Port St Mary - Douglas. Handstruck 2. Script Castletown
MR 11 1843 entire letter Port St Mary to Douglas used Hand struck 2. WH 22, Ward and Leece 30c showing deterioration of figure 2. On reverse Isle of Man double arc and 2 line script Castle/Town - scarce

Isle of Man 1889 cover to London readdr to Sulby
AU 24 89 cover bearing QV 1d lilac used Douglas 407 code F to London readdressed to Sulby with London WC squared circle 26 AU alongside hand struck 1d on reverse Liverpool transit AU 24 and Kirkmichael code B same day dispatch and London same day receiver.

Isle of Man 1849 Castletown green UDC on cover
6 Nov 1849 cover to Douglas with Castletown UDC. RPS states blue/green, only found in this greenish colour in November 1949, otherwise found in blue. RARE

Isle of Man 1842 Douglas I M Traveller on cover
13 June 1843 from Ronaldsway to Douglas used smudged maltese cross with on reverse DOUGLAS I M TRAVELLER. RARE

Isle of Man 1859 sideways duplex on cover
DE 9 1859 cover to Henley on Thames used 407 sideways duplex

Isle of Man 1845 boxed Peeltown on cover
19 Mar 1845 cover to Whitehaven with boxed Peeltown on reverse

Isle of Man 1840 EL with handstruck 2 and unboxed Castletown
20th March 1840 entire letter Port St Mary to Douglas with nice example of hand struck and on reverse unboxed script 2 line Castle/town. Nice item. Scarce marks

Isle of Man 1859 Ballasalla UDC on part cover to Ireland. DIRECT BAG
May 1859 part cover bearing QV 1d star used 466 Liverpool numeral, on reverse Ballasalla undated circle dispatch, Dublin transit and faint Ballamote arrival. Sent direct mailbag to Liverpool and from there to Ireland. Unusual and nice illustration of routing.

Isle of Man 1843 EL Port St Mary to Douglas with manuscript 2
AU 15 1843 entire letter Port St Mary to Douglas sent unpaid with manuscript 2, on reverse faint Castletown undated circle transit and IOM same date double arc receiver. Castletown was the Post town for PSM and Port Erin at the time. Letter refers to cattle and herring fishing

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