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Isle of Man 4 margin 1d red on cover to Kent
Ap 23 1848 cover to Tenterden used faint 407 numeral and on rev isle of man double arc, London transit and Tenterden My 2 arrival

Isle of Man Douglas to Dublin Ireland 1856 cover
Jun 3 1856 cover used 407 numeral and on reverse Isle of Man double arc in green, Liverpool transit and Dublin arrival 4 JU

Isle of Man, St Judes to Douglas 1846 cover
AP 4 1846 letter written from St Judes Andreas to Douglas with boxed Ramsey on reverse. Scarce mail from this village

Cheltenham sideways duplex on cover to Isle of Man 1855
NO 16 1855 Cheltenham sideways duplex with Isle of Man double arc in green receiver on reverse

London to Isle of Man 1901 cover with Douglas squared circle receiver
OC 19 01 cover used London to Isle of Man with squared circle receiver on reverse - unusual

Isle of Man 1880 cover to Norwich with QV 1d venetian red
JY 23 80 QV 1d venetin red on cover used Douglas 407 duplex with Norwich receiver on reverse

Carlisle to Isle of Man 1887 cover with Douglas Code J receiver on reverse
Ju 3 87 seed merchants crested env used Carlisle Code O6 16 duplex with on reverse Liverpool transit and Douglas Code J arrival.

Isle of Man 1990 cover from Bishop Bradley
FE 24 90 cover with manuscript J.B.S.M. used Douglas Code C 407 duplex with Kirkmichael dispatch on reverse

Isle of Man 1889 cover from Bishop Bradley
MY 21 89 cover with manuscript Bishop and Abbot and Kirk Michael dispatch on reverse and bearing QV 1d used Douglas Code C 407 duplex

Isle of Man Peel squared circle on cover to Castletown
Jan 28 02 QV 1d on cover used Peel squared circle Code C with Castletown receiver on reverse

Isle of Man 1883 Government House crested env used
MY 18 82 Govt House crested envelope used Douglas 407 Code C with manuscript Governor May 19/83

Isle of Man Government House cover used 1888
SP 10 188Government House printed envelope used Douglas 407 Code C with manuscript Appointment Magistrates on front

Canada to Leyzayre Isle of Man 1890s cover
DE 24 cover Montreal to Sulby

Isle of Man to Yorkshire 1892 cover
DE 22 92 cover used Castletown 037 duplex code B with on reverse Douglas single ring Code D, Leeds 14 F transits and Ripley Code B 23 DE arrival

Germany Bremen 1849 outer to Douglas
23 Jan 1849 outer Bremen to Douglas with double arc in blue on reverse

Lancashire to Isle of Man 1889 cover
JY 12 89 cover used Kendal duplex to Douglas with Code K receiver on reverse. Scarce code

Isle of Man 1865 cover with 2 x 1d used duplex
SP 4 1865 2 x plate 89 1d reds on cover to London used Douglas duplex, backflap repaired

Isle of Man 1844 EL to London
AU 30 1844 entire letter to Capt Forbes, Hyde Park Gala, from brother with manuscript , Isle of Man double arc dispatch overstruck London arrival

Isle of Man 1849 Castletown UDC on EL
De 10 1849 id imperf - 4 margins on cover used 407 numeral with on reverse Castletown UDC in blue and Douglas double arc arrival. nice item

1843 2 covers illus need for new Castletown cancel and traveller
1843 Castletown to Douglas JU 8 and Castletown to Jurby OC 3 showing necessity for 2 line to be replaced as it is now little more than a smudge. 2 line Castletown overstruck by IM Traveller WH 33 and UDC early dateon other cover. Nice illustrative pair

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