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Isle of Man 1902 Kirk Onchan parcel Post label used
JU 28 02 Kirk Onchan Parcel post label

Isle of Wight 1903 Cowes ppc used East Cowes
SP 26 03 The Green Cowes ppc to Peel Isle of Man used East Cowes

GB Liverpool glitter ppc to Isle of Man postage due
AP 11 1905 landing stage for steamers to IOM Liverpool glitter ppc, with on reverse contrary to regulations and 1d /466 Postage due mark alongside Douglas AP 12 single ring receiver

Isle of Man ppc rough sea Douglas head art card used 1904 Castletown duplex
DE 24 1904 rough sea off Douglas Head used as Xmas Card to Ramsey used Castletown 037 duplex - fine strike

Isle of Man Port Erin ppc to Hong Kong
Port Erin undivided back ppc to ong Kong used Bolton DE 9 03 with Hong Kong Victoria 12 JA 04 receiver. Addr to South China Morning Post

Port Erin Comic Donkey ppc used Colby S.O. 1903
1903 Donkey comic ppc use Colby

Isle of Man 1904 St Johns receiver on York ppc
Chancel York Minster ppc with St Johns single receiver - nice strike

Isle of Man glitter ppc with Postage Due 1905
AU 5 05 Douglas Harbour glitter ppc used Douglas alongside Liable to letter rate 75, large manuscript 1 and Birmingham arrival 7th AU

Isle of Man 1908 Guide card used with Snaefell cachet
SE 4 08 Guide card used Snaefell cachet and Douglas double ring

UK to Isle of Man 1903 Budget letter card used
AP 29 03 budget letter card used Kingston with on reverse Liverpool transit and Douglas arrival

Egypt 1906 ppc Port Said to Isle of Man.
30 Oct 1906 Danse de Negre ppc to King William's College, readdressed to Ramsey. with boxed Henry King and Co Port Said Agency forwarding agents cachet

Isle of Man Peel Castle ppc used Ballasalla 1910
SP 12 10 peel ppc used Ballasalla code C single ring

Isle of Man King William's College cricket match ppc used 1903
DE 15 1903 K. William's College cricket match undivided back ppc used Douglas 407 duplex

1910 cover to Isle of Man with CR perfin used North Western TPO
FE 11 10 cover to Douglas bearing KEVII 1/d and 1d both perfin C R & Co used North Western TPO Night Down. Douglas FE 12 receiver on reverse

Isle of Man 1903 ppc to UK 1d postage due
No 2 03 Tuck "real Japanese post card" to Torquay used Douglas 407 duplex and steptype Liable to letter Rate/805 manuscript endorsemenr "communication on back" and hand struck 1d.

Isle of Man Rushen Parish Church ppc used 1905
JU 16 05 Rushen Parish Church ppc used Port St Mary single ring

Isle of Man KEVII cover used D51 duplex Peel FORGERY in red
KEVII cover cover bearing 1/2d used D51 Peel forgery in red. Unusual.

Isle of Man Ramsey parcel post label used 1903
JA 16 03 Ramsey (RAX) Under Douglas Isle of Man parcel post label used Ramsey single ring Code B. SCARCE PPL

Isle of Man 1904 ppc used St Johns readdressed to Kirkmichael
DE 15 04 Douglas Head ppc used St Johns Code A single ring and Liverpool 16 DE receiver, readdressed to Ballacreggan with Kirkmichael receiver DE 16

Isle of Man Port St Mary ppc direct bag Postage Due
JY 17 08 Man Cat ppc to Lancaster sent unfranked used Port St Mary, sent direct mail bag to Liverpool and 1d 466 Postage Due mark applied and Lancaster same day arrival.

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