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Isle of Man 2d wilding on ppc with 1d to pay in green
20 Aug 1958 Loch Prom rp ppc bearing 2d wilding used Douglas machine alongside 1d to pay 407 in green.

GB Liverpool glitter ppc to Isle of Man postage due
AP 11 1905 landing stage for steamers to IOM Liverpool glitter ppc, with on reverse contrary to regulations and 1d /466 Postage due mark alongside Douglas AP 12 single ring receiver

Isle of Man 1914 Ramsey 1d P. Due used 1914 - very early
Wh 289, used 19 years earlier than Whitney records

Isle of Man 1973 Stamps Invalid Postage Due pair of covers
pair of 1973 postage due covers incl one into Kirkmichael

Isle of Man Health Ins cover with Postage Due and undelivered
1949 Manx Health Insurance Society window envelope with boxed undelivered in purple and 1d postage due applied, on reverse not known as addressed in manuscript

Isle of Man glitter ppc with Postage Due 1905
AU 5 05 Douglas Harbour glitter ppc used Douglas alongside Liable to letter rate 75, large manuscript 1 and Birmingham arrival 7th AU

Isle of Man 1960 internal postage due cover 6d P.Ds applied
19 FE60 cover to Colby used Douglas with boxed 6d to pay in green with 3d x 2 Postage Dues used Castletown

Isle of Man 1960 cover with unboxed 3d to Pay 407 in green
30 Jan 1960 Postage Due cover with 2 different Douglas P.D. marks. SCARCE

Isle of Man 1887 London - Douglas readdr Jurby Postage Due cover
JU 23 87 cover London to Douglas, readdressed to Jurby with manuscript 1 postage due.

Isle of Man KGVI 1951 1d to pay 407 in black on novelty ppc
18 AAug 1951 novelty ppc to UK bearing KGVI 2d used Douglas machine with 1d to pay 407 in black. Not normally seen in black

Isle of Man Villa Marina rp ppc to UK with 2d 407 Postage due
16 Jne 1949 Villa Marina real photo ppc bearing KGVI 1d used Douglas machine with 2d to Pay 407 postage due instructional mark

Isle of Man 1843 EL Port St Mary - Douglas. Handstruck 2. Script Castletown
MR 11 1843 entire letter Port St Mary to Douglas used Hand struck 2. WH 22, Ward and Leece 30c showing deterioration of figure 2. On reverse Isle of Man double arc and 2 line script Castle/Town - scarce

Isle of Man 1903 ppc to UK 1d postage due
No 2 03 Tuck "real Japanese post card" to Torquay used Douglas 407 duplex and steptype Liable to letter Rate/805 manuscript endorsemenr "communication on back" and hand struck 1d.

Isle of Man 1889 cover to London readdr to Sulby
AU 24 89 cover bearing QV 1d lilac used Douglas 407 code F to London readdressed to Sulby with London WC squared circle 26 AU alongside hand struck 1d on reverse Liverpool transit AU 24 and Kirkmichael code B same day dispatch and London same day receiver.

Isle of Man 1963 Postage due cover to UK
1 Sep 63 cover to devizes used Douglas slogan with 2d 407 in green and 2d P.Due applied on arrival in UK

Isle of Man 1891 OHMS front readdr with 1.5d manuscript Postage Due
MR 4 1891 OHMS Government House FRONT ONLY to Jurby readdressed to Douglas with manuscript 1.5d poostage due instructional mark.

Isle of Man 1963 Peel to Colby 6d to Pay Postage Due cover
20 Aug 63 cover to Colby used Peel double ring with 6d to pay and 5d and 1d postage dues applied used Castletown

Isle of Man 1969 Peel to Colby 8d Postage Due cover
12 Aug 69 cover to Colby used Peel machine with boxed 8d P. Due mark in green and 1d x 4 qnd 4d P.Dues applied used Castletown

Isle of Man 1960 Postage due cover to Colby
22 FE 60 cover to Colby with 1d/172 Postage Due mark in green and 1d P. Due applied used Castletown. Unrecorded P.D. mark

Isle of Man 1960 Castletown 3d Postage Due cover
22 FE 1960 Cover to Colby with 3d/172 and 3d postage due applied used Castletown

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