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Isle of Man 1934 Birmingham - Bristol Railway Air Services FfC
20 AU 34 RAS Birmingham Bristol FFC. Scarce leg

Isle of Man KGVI 1/2d on plain FDC used Croby
KGVI strip of 3 x 1/2d with A/37 control used CROSBY 10 MY 37

Isle of Man KEVIII 1936 FDC Airmail cover to Singapore Malaya
1 SP 36 airmail cover to Singapore used Ramsey FDI

Isle of Man 1938 KGVI FDC flown WCAS from Liverpool
31 JA 38 KGVI 2d and 3d registered flown WCAS cover

Isle of Man London - Douglas 1934 RAS FFC/ FDC
20 AU 34 London to Douglas Railway Air Services - flown as far as Birmingham and onward transport by other due to bad weather and 21 AU arrival on reverse. KGV 1.5d FDC

Isle of Man 1934 RAS FFC Cardiff - Liverpool KGV 1.5d FDC
20 Aug 1934 Railway Air services FFC Wales to Liverpool bearing KGV 1.5d used first day of issue

Isle of Man Facsimile Mulready stamp centenary 1940
Facsimile Mulready envelope bearing KGVI 1d stamp centenary used Douglas 6 MY 40

1948 Philatelic Congress cover to Isle of Man. Poste Restante mark
25 May 1948 Bournemouth Philatelic Congress FDC to Douglas with boxed Poste Restante mark on reverse

Wales - Isle of Man 1934 Railway Air Services FFC. US Consul
20 Aug 1934 RAS FFC to US Vice Consul Douglas used Cardiff. US Consular printed env. KGV 1.5d photogravure FDC

Liverpool - Isle of Man 13 MY 37 West Coast Air Services FFC. Coronation FDC
13 MY 37 KGVI 1.5d coronation on souvenir FDC flown Liverpool to Isle of Man with WCAS IOM received in pink

Isle of Man 1990 1d black booklet panes FDCs
1990 Penny Black Anniv booklet panes on 3 FDCs used Douglas maltese Cross special cancel. Scarce FDCs

Isle of Man Douglas 11 registered label on cover used Derby Rd 1958
Douglas 11 registered label on cover used Derby Road 18 JY 58 Commonwealth Games FDC.

Isle of Man 1965 1d and 3d booklet pane RARE FDC
16 AU 65 booklet pane of 3d x 2 and 1d x 2 - 1ds to right on plain hand addressed FDC used Douglas double ring

Isle of Man KGVI 1.5d on plain FDC used post early slogan
30 Jly 1937 KGVI 1.5d used Post Early slogan

Isle of Man KGVI Coronation plain FDC used Crosby
Isle of Man KGVI 1937 1.5d control no A37 on plain FDC used Crosby double ring

Isle of Man KGVI Coronation ppc used FDC
KGVI Coronation ppc bearing 1.5d Coronation used Douglas machine FDI

Liverpool - Isle of Man KGV S Jubilee 1/2d & 1d FDC flown WCAS
7 MY 35 West Coast Air Services flight cover to Douglas bearing KGV 1/2d and 1d Silver Jubilee used Liverpool alongside WCAS cachet in purple, readdressed to Liverpool with Douglas 7 MY dispatch on reverse. Nice item

Isle of Man KGVI 1937 illus KGVI FDC
10 May 1937 KGVI illustrated FDC bearing 1/3d, 1d and 2.5d used Douglas

Liverpool - Isle of Man KGVI WCAS 1937 FFC/FDC
West Coast Air Services 10 May 1937 first flight cover bearing KGVI 1/2d, 1d and 2.5d used Liverpool to Douglas FFC/FDI with receiver on reverse

Isle of Man KGVI S. Wedding 2.5d block 4 Reg FDC
26 AP 48 block of 4 2.5d Silver Wedding on registered cover used Douglas registered oval and Douglas label