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Isle of Man, Channel Islands, G.B. Islands and Airmails
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Channel Islands Jersey 1d views on 1944 cover used St Aubins
4 JY 44 st Aubins cover

Channel Islands Jersey 1d views 1943 cover
2 Dec 1943 Jersey cover

Channel Islands Jersey 1944 2.5d views on cover
14 Feb 1944 Jersey cover

Channel Islands Guernsey 1943 reused cover
16 JY 43 Guernsey reused cover

Channel Islands Jersey funeral Directors cover used 1944
15 Jly 1944 firms cover used Guernsey machine

Channel Islands Guernsey 1943 reused cover
4 Jne 1943 reused cover

Channel Islands Sark 1944 cover to Guernsey
6 AU 44 Cover used Sark

Channel Islands Sark 1942 cover
3 DE 42 cover to Guernsey used Sark

Channel Islands Guernsey 1940 firms reused cover
4 Oct 1940 3 x Guernsey 1d arms on reused cover

Channel Islands 1941 Guernsey 1d cover used Cobo
Guernsey 1d Arms on cover used Cobo 18 FE 41

Channel Islands Jersey 1942 cover used St Aubins
6 MY 42 strip of 3 Jersey 1d Arms on cover used St Aubins

Channel Islands Guernsey Occupation used SARK
Guernsey Occupation 1.5d and 1d Arms used SARK

Channel Islands Guernsey imprint pair 2nd printing
Guernsey 2.5d Arms IMPRINT pair 2nd printing unmounted mint

Channel Islands Wartime piece used SARK
Guernsey Arms multifranking piece used Sark 29 No 43

Channel Islands Guernsey 1d Banknote VARIETY
1d Arms banknote paper VARIETY, vertical strip of 3 with upper stamps misplaced to right. Unusual. Unmounted mint

Channel Islands Guernsey Banknote paper IMPRINT block 10
1/2d Arms on Banknote paper imprint block of 10 unmounted mint

Channel Islands Guernsey 1d Arms Banknote pair MISPERF
1d Arms vertical pair Banknote paper showing MISPERF on upper stamp. unmounted mint

Channel Islands Guernsey Arms banknote imprint pair M/M
1/2d Arms imprint Banknote pair mounted mint

Channel Islands Guernsey 1d Arms thinner paper U/M
Guernsey d Arms corner example on thinner paper with design showing on reverse

Channel Islands Jersey 1d Arms chalky used
Jersey 1d Arms chalky paper used

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