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GB 1850 Staffordshire cover written from Trentham re Marquis of Stafford son
JY 29 1850 entire letter to Leek re celebrating the birth of a son to Marquis of Stafford with on reverse Newcastle Staffs double ark and Leek arrival

GB 1851 cover Liverpool to Keighley cover. 1d 4 just margin
SP 13 1951 cover used 466 numeral

GB 1849 pair 1d IMPERF on cover used Manchester
May 24 1849 pair of 1d red imperf on cover Manchester to Halifax with on reverse Huddersfield transit and Halifax arrival

GB Yorkshire Leeds East St s/l cover. 1d 4 margins
10 NO 1852 cover to Keighley used 447 numeral with East St straight line, Leeds double arc transit and Keighley arrival NO 11

GB Lancashire Padiham UDC in green on cover. 1d margin
JY 1 1852 cover to Keighley used Burnley numeral, on reverse Padiham UDC dispatch in green, Burnley and Leeds transits and Keighley arrival JY 2. Back flap missing

GB 1844 cover to Grays Inn. 4 margin 1d red
OC 24 1844 London cover

Railway Air Services 1935 New contract FFC N. Ireland - Liverpool
1 Dec 1935 RAS new contract FFC with boxed cachet

GB Yorkshire Dewsbury hand struck 2 on cover 1855
JU 8 1855 cover with 1d star used 253 numeral with More to Pay, manuscript above 1/2 oz and hand struck 2 applied in blue with Dewsbury dispatch and London receiver on reverse

GB QEII dual currency School Specimen postal order
1971 dual currency School Specimen postal order

GB Yorkshire Leeds to Silsden 1852 cover East St S/L
JU 10 1852 4 margin 1d red on cover used 447 brass numeral with on reverse East St straight line dispatch

GB Yorkshire 1852 cover Sheffield to Silsden
OC 9 1852 cover with on reverse Sheffield dispatch and Leeds and Keighley transits

GB 1848 cover Plymouth to Chertsey
AU 25 1848 cover Plymouth to Chertsey Surrey

GB QEII 1/-, 5/- postage dues U/M
1/- and 5/- multiple crowns postage dues unmounted mint

GB QE11 £1 postage due U/M
£1 postage due multiple crown unmounted mint

GB QEII 10/- postage due U/M
multiple crowns 10/- postage due unmounted mint

GB QEII Postage Due 5/- U/M
multiple crown postage due unmounted mint 5/-

GB QV 1/- green used
1/- green used

GB QV 2 diff 3d rose used
3ds x 2 diff

GB Postage Dues QE11 to 6d U/M
1/2d to 6d mult crowns P D set to 6d unmounted mint

GB QE11 postage dues mult crowns M/M
Postage dues mounted mint lot