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Isle of Man, Channel Islands, G.B. Islands and Airmails
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Channel Island HERM 1989 Anniv FDC
40th Anniv Pigeon Post FDC

Isle of Man 1989 WWF Birds sheet FDC used Ramsey
birds sheet on plain FDC used Ramsey FDI

Channel Islands HERM 1949 1/- Pigeon post used
1/- pigeon post used

Channel Islands HERM Flora and Fauna blocks of 4 MNH
Herm, Flora and Fauna blocks of 4 unmounted mint on page. Nice for display purposes

Isle of Man: Calf: 1963 Birds defins IMPERF MNH
1963 first Birds defins unmounted mint IMPERF

Isle of Man 1983 Birds High value imprint blocks
1983 birds defins 20p to 1 in imprint blocks of 4 unmounted mint

Channel Islands Alderney 1983 - 2010 COMPLETE MNH
SG Channel Islands 22 ring binder cont ALDERNEY complete for basic stamps and minisheets 1983 - 2010 on printed album leaves all unmounted mint. Face value circa 220

Channel Islands Alderney Rock Pipit bird and Sea Stock booklet
Alderney 1994 Rock Pipit booklet complete MNH

Calf of Man 1973 Birds - no names - M/Ss FDC. SCARCE
1973 Birds minisheets on FDC used 27 Mar 1973

Isle of Man Peacocks Rusen Abbey ppc used 1936
Peacocks Rushen Abbey ppc used Ballasalla double ring Code A 8 JY 36

Lundy 1933 cover Crewkerne - London readdr Lundy
5 AU 33 cover to Kensington used Crewkerne, readdressed on arrival to Lundy with 1p Lundy issue.

Isle of Man Port Erin Sea Gulls ppc unused
Port Erin, Gulls ppc unused published by Photochrom

Isle of Man phone card Arctic Tern
Arctic tern phone card used

Isle of Man 1966 Birds FDC
8 Aug 1966 Birds setennant block of 4 on illustrated hand addressed FDC used Douglas FDI

Isle of Man: Calf: Europa 1966 Bird with misplaced centre
Calf of Man Europa 1966 8m with misplaced centre VARIETY unmounted mint

Channel Islands Jethou 1962 flight cover to Austria
Jethou 1962 flight cover to Austria via Germany

Channel Islands Jethou Europa 1963 2 flight covers to Czechoslovakia
Jethou Europa 1963 3d and 1/9d on flight covers to Prague

Calf of Man Europa 1963 gutter blocks MNH
Europa 1963 interpannau gutter blocks of 16 unmounted mint

Channel Islands Jethou 1963 flight cover to Prague
Jethou 1p sparrow Hawk on flight cover to Czechoslovakia

Channel Islands Jethou 1/- bird on flight cover to Czechoslovakia
Jethou 1964 1/- on flight cover to Prague via Germany