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Isle of Man 1934 Birmingham - Bristol Railway Air Services FfC
20 AU 34 RAS Birmingham Bristol FFC. Scarce leg

Isle of Man 1929 cover with 1/2d PUC
2 OC 29 cover to Manchester used port erin

Isle of Man letter from RAF Station Bride to IOM Railway
27 Jan 1943 letter to IOM Railway Co re breakages and requesting replacements. RAF Station Bride cachet

Isle of Man WW1 Douglas Camp POW cover. Censor H/S K+L
POW envelope to USA used PC post free cachet and censors purple handstamp K+L. Censor handstamps on Douglas Camp covers are VERY SCARCE

Isle of Man 1923 Laxey D/R on rp ppc
Minorea Laxey real photo ppc used Laxey double ring 26 JY 23

Isle of Man 1935 Port St Mary skeleton on harbour ppc
17 JY 35 KGV S. Jubilee 1d on cover used Port St Mary skeleton

Isle of Man 1926 returned cover used Join the Kings Roll slogan
Dec 7 1926 Join The Kings Rolls slogan with Douglas town die - returned cover and repaired filing holes

GB Paignton Philatelic Congress cover flown to Iqle of Man
10 JU 36 Paignton 23rd Philatelic Congress cover with label flown WCAS to Douglas with receiver on reverse and Douglas boxed Poste Restante cachet. Unusual item

Isle of Man 1927 Novelty comic ppc with bowed 1d 407 Postage Due
5 AU 27 Lawson Wood comic novelty ppc to London used Douglas with boxed 1d 407 to pay and 1d P Due applied used Holland Park 6 AU 27

Isle of Man Knockaloe censor handstamp on cover
1915 Knockaloe cover to Switzerland with H.G.M. censor handstamp in purple

Isle of Man 1934 RAS FFC Cardiff - Liverpool KGV 1.5d FDC
20 Aug 1934 Railway Air services FFC Wales to Liverpool bearing KGV 1.5d used first day of issue

Isle of Man POW cover Knockaloe to London
WW1 POW envelope used Post Free P C circular cachet in red

Isle of Man White Fall Glen Roy ppc used Laxey 1913
AU 26 13 The White Fall Glen Roy ppc used Laxey

Isle of Man Port Erin Coast ppc used Castletown 1932
10 AU 32 Coast Scene Port Erin ppc used Castletown double ring

Isle of Man Sulby ppc used Sulby 1910
Sulby village ppc used Sulby single ring AU 27 10

Isle of Man 1927 Peel Harbour rp ppc used
16 AU 27 Peel / Douglas single ring on Peel Harbour real photo ppc

Isle of Man Peel ppc used S/R Peel Douglas 1925
Peel general view ppc used Peel Code A 10 OC 25

Isle of Man Port St Mary thimble code * 1921
16 JY 21 PSM ppc used PSM thimble code *. Cade * is scarce on this postmark.

Isle of Man Ballasalla CODE A SKELETON 1928
23 AU 28 Colby Glen real photo ppc used Ballasalla Code A.

Isle of Man rare Ballasalla skeleton 928 Code C
The Lake Shimmins Tea Gardens real photo ppc used 16 AU 28 Ballasalla code C SKELETON. Excellent strike. Nice item

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