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Isle of Man, Channel Islands, G.B. Islands and Airmails
Postal History, Stamps, First Day Covers, telephone cards, postcards and coins.
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Isle of Man 1904 SS Manxman ppc New Route Heysham
JY 11 04 Midland Railway Company advert ppc used Lavey

Isle of Man letter from RAF Station Bride to IOM Railway
27 Jan 1943 letter to IOM Railway Co re breakages and requesting replacements. RAF Station Bride cachet

Isle of Man Train maxicard for NIPA Antwerp Nterlands
Maitland train maxicard unused

Isle of Man 1988 Trains maxicards unused
1988 Trains maxicards unused

Isle of Wight 1856 cover to GNR railway Kings X
JY 13 1856 cover used Ryde numeral to London

Isle of Man 1981 Snaefell cachet on Derby Castle Station rp ppc
26 Sep 1981 Snaefell Summit cachet on Douglas ppc

Isle of Man 1950 Horse Tram Toast Rack novelty ppc used
26 JY 1950 Novelty Mailing ppc used Douglas machine

Isle of Man 1923 Snaefell cachet on summit ppc
AU 22 23 MER Summit Hotel rp ppc used Snaefell cachet in purple. Nice item

GB 1847 Railway cover to Leeds, Vauxhall straight line
25 Jan 1847 London and Southwestern Railway printed envelope used Vauxhall straight line with on reverse London dispatch and Leeds arrival plus Railway seal. Nice item

GB 1932 KGV railway letter stamp on cover
March 1932 cover bearing London Midland and scottish railway letter stamp used Preston. Nice item

GB QV 2d GWR letterstamp on cover
1895 cover bearing QV 1/2d used Paddington with 2d GWR letter stamp with manuscript to be posted. nice item

Isle of Man St Marys Church Douglas ppc used 1907 to Ireland
AU 25 07 St Marys Douglas taken from the "Wedding Cake" showing Prospect Hill with tram lines and St Marys RC Church. Unusual view

Guernsey Charity booklet Guide dogs for blind transport black print
Guernsey 1979 Charity Booklet with transport black prints - original and issue with 6p train and 8p tram

Isle of Man 2013 Steam Railway illus TPO cover
25 Jul Steam Railway illustrated cover with 2p railway letter stamps imperf used TPO down

Isle of Man 1991 Snaefell cachet on Last Day cov
28 Sep 1991 M Railways illus cover No 7 used Snaefell cachet. Last day of season

Isle of Man 1981 Snaefell cachet on MER ppc
11 May 1981 Snaefell cachet

Isle of Man 1990 Snaefell cachet on ppc
29 Sep 1990 Snaefell cachet on trasport ppc

Isle of Man 1992 Snaefell Cachets in red, black and purple on 3 ppcs
27 May 1992 Snaefell summit cachets in black and purple and 27 Aug 1992 cachet in red on 3 railway ppcs

Isle of Man 1977 Snaefell Cachet on railway ppc
19 Jul 1977 Mountain Railway rp ppc used Snaefell cachet

Isle of Man 1905 Laxey Station ppc used Snaefell Summit cachet
AU 21 02 Laxey ppc used Snaefell Summit cachet

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