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Isle of Man KEVIII 1936 FDC Airmail cover to Singapore Malaya
1 SP 36 airmail cover to Singapore used Ramsey FDI

Isle of Man Peel Castle ppc used squared circle 1905
AU 22 05 Peel Castle ppc used Peel code D Squared circle. Nice strike

Isle of Man 1906 Snaefell Guide Card used Ramsey duplex Code O
1906 Snaefell Guide card used Ramsey 036 duplex Code O. Nice strike

Isle of Man Grand Hotel ppc used 1937. KEVIII
Grand Hotel ppc used 1937

Isle of Man KEVIII meter mark on cover used 1940
KEVIII 1d meter mark on cover used Douglas 2 VII 40

Isle of Man Port Erin ppc used 1904
SP 12 04 Port Erin ppc used

Isle of Man 1904 St. Ann's S.O. on K. Williams cricket match ppc
AU 27 04 ppc King William College cricket match bearing KEVII 1/2d used St Ann's S.O. single ring. Scarce cancel

Isle of Man Douglas Head ppc used FOXDALE 1906
AU 18 06 Douglas Head Lighthouse undivided back ppc to Fleetwood used Foxdale I. Of. Man single ring with St John's single ring. Unusual

Isle of Man 1909 Glamour ppc to Thailand. Unusual destination
AU 4 09 rp glamour ppc to Siam used Port Erin S.O. single rings

Canada 1903 ppc to Isle of Man with Foxdale receiver, readdr to UK
Nov 9 1903 Snow Shoer ppc to Foxdale House with Foxdale code C single ring receiver NO 21, readdressed to UK with Douglas same day transit double ring. Nice item

Isle of Man KEVIII meter mail cover Gellings Foundry
E8R 1d meter mail cover used Douglas town die 15 II 49 with Gellings Foundry cachet on reverse

Isle of Man 1904 BOOKPOST card and Midget ppc used
AP 18 04 Midget ppc used Douglas 407 duplex and 1 JU 04 card bookmarker used Douglas double ring.

Isle of Man Glamour ppc used Crosby 1905
Mabel Hirst glamour rp ppc to Crosby Post Office, used Crosby single ring MR 15 05

Isle of Man KEVIII meter mail firms cover to UK
10 VIII 40 Corlett Sons, and Cowley meter mail cover to Manchester

Isle of Man 1907 Snaefell cachet on Laxey Glen MER ppc
Manx Electric Railway Laxey Glen Gardens ppc used Douglas double ring AU 28 07 and Snaefell Summit cachet in purple

Isle of Man 1904 photo Postage Due pc used Douglas
JU 4 04 postcard with photo insert used Douglas double ring and 1d/407 Postage due instructional mark

Isle of Man 1904 Peel squared circle on Port Erin ppc
MY 25 04 Port Erin ppc to South frica bearing KEVII 1d used Peel Code C squared circle

Isle of Man 1907 Laxey Wheel ppc used to France
SP 24 07 Laxey Wheel ppc to Chile bearing KEVII 1d used Douglas double ring with Febrieres arrival

Isle of Man Cunningham Camp atrium rp ppc used 1937
5 Aug 1937 The Cunningham Camp real photo ppc to UK used Douglas slogan

Isle of Man 1937 KEVIII cover used Douglas
2 Apr 1937 KEVIII 1/2d and 1d on cover to Ballasalla used Douglas machine