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Isle of Man 1953 Snaefell cachet on rp summit ppc
2 Sep 1953 view from Snaefell summit real photo ppc used Cachet and Ramsey machine

Isle of Man 1958 Railway rp ppc used Snaefell cachet
3 Sep 1958 Snaefell Mountain Riailway real photo ppc used cachet

Isle of Man 1954 Snaefell cachet on rp summit ppc
13 Aug 1954 summit real photo ppc used Snaefell cachet

Isle of Man 1957 Snaefell cachet on summit rp ppc
view from Snaefell real photo ppc used Summit cachet 18 Aug 1957

Isle of Man 1936 Snaefell cachet in purple black on MER ppc
8 Jul 36 Snaefell cachet - purple black - on rp ppc train passing Laxey Wheel used Laxey doube ring

Isle of Man 1934 Snaefell cachet on Douglas Head ppc
26 Jul 1934 Snaefell cachet on ppc

Isle of Man 1923 Snaefell cachet on Victoria Pier ppc
JY 30 23 Snaefell cachet omn ppc used Douglas

Isle of Man Snaefell cachet 1922 with ERROR day slug blanked
22 AU 22 Imperial Terrace Douglas rp ppc with train, used Douglas alongside Snaefell summit cachet with day slug blamked - presumably because not enough 2's were available.

Isle of Man 1913 Snaefell cachet ERROR year sideways
JU 28 13 Snaefell cachet on ppc Summit Hotel showing YEAR slug sideways. RARE

Isle of Man 1908 Guide card used with Snaefell cachet
SE 4 08 Guide card used Snaefell cachet and Douglas double ring

Isle of Man 1935 purple Snaefell cachet
17 Jul Snaefell Cachet on Quinton Groudle Glen station ppc

Isle of Man 1925 Snaefell Cachet - year slug missing
25 Aug 25 Laxey Wheel rp ppc with Snaefell cachet in purple with year slug obliterated. Scarce

Isle of Man 1977 Tramway Travels booklet with Snaefell cachet
25 MY 77 Snaefell cachet in blue on IOM Tramways booklet published by the MER. A4 size

Isle of Man 1938 Snaefell cachet on Station Hotel ppc
5 Jul 1938 Station Hotel real photo ppc used Snaefell cachet

Isle of Man 1932 Snaefell Cachet in VIOLET on Station Hotel ppc
Station Hotel real photo ppc to UK used Snaefell cachet in VIOLET and Douglas machine AU 23 1932. SCARCE YEAR

Isle of man 1904 Sneafell Summit cachet on MER ppc used
Snaefell Mountain Railway ppc used Summit cachet JY 30 04 and Douglas squared circle to UK

Isle of Man 1927 Snaefell cachet in red - day slug blocked. RARE
Snaefell Summit MER ppc used Douglas machine Jun 21 1927 with Snaefell Summit cachet in red with day slug blocked (known Variety). Rare

Isle of Man Snaefell cachet on summit hotel MER ppc 1946
Station Hotel and waiting rooms, Snaefell Mountain Summit real photo MER ppc with Snaefell cachet in purple 27 Jun 1946

Isle of Man 1905 Snaefell Guide card with summit cachet
SP 11 05 Snaefell cachet on Guide card used Douglas double ring. Mounting damage to card

Isle of Man 1904 Guide Card used Snaefell cachet
AU 16 04 Guide Card used Douglas squared circle with Snaefell Summit Cachet in black. Guide card has mount remains on picture side