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Isle of Man WW1 Douglas Camp POW cover. Censor H/S K+L
POW envelope to USA used PC post free cachet and censors purple handstamp K+L. Censor handstamps on Douglas Camp covers are VERY SCARCE

Isle of Man Knockaloe censor handstamp on cover
1915 Knockaloe cover to Switzerland with H.G.M. censor handstamp in purple

GB Ellesmere to Bolton Lancashire WW1 illustrated cover
31 Oct 1917 Patriotic illustrated cover used Ellesmere. repair to flap

Isle of Man POW cover Knockaloe to London
WW1 POW envelope used Post Free P C circular cachet in red

Germany to Isle of Man WW1 POW ppc to Douglas Camp
1915 incoming ppc from Hanover to Douglas Camp

Isle of Man 1916 Knockaloe registered insured P stat to Netherlands
19 AP 16 registered insured postal stationery to Holland. Insured mail to Holland during WWI is scqrce - only one other cover is known

Isle of Man Knockaloe 1916 Chirstmas card used
Knocaloe Xmas card to Munich used faint censor mark.

Isle of Man 1915 Knockaloe sports day prize giving rpppc unused
Sept 1915 Knockaloe Sports Day prize giving kieg real photo ppc unused

Isle of Man 1915 Turnfest Knockaloe rp ppc unused
Knockaloe 1915 sports day real photo ppc unused

Isle of Man Knockaloe 1915 Sports Day rp ppc unused. Kieg
Knockaloe 1915 Sports Day unused Kieg real photo ppc

Isle of Man Knockaloe 1915 cover and letter to Netherlands
15th July 15 Knockaloe cover to Netherlands with letter on printed letterhead

Isle of Man 1919 Knockaloe pass. Very RARE
2 Jun 1919 Pass for Knockaloe Aliens Camp issed to a Miss Assack, Farm House with Knockaloe cachet on front and reverse.

Isle of Man Douglas Camp WW1 x 2 covers to same addr
two covers from same internee, James Solomon to same addr in London one used POW Information Bureau and London Paid single ring 1916 from Privilege Camp Douglas, and other used Aliens detention Camp Douglas and PC in pink. Interesting pair

Isle of Man Knockaloe 1915 cover and letter on headed paper
17 AU 15 POW cover to Bavaria and letter on Knockaloe headed notepaper

Isle of Man Knockaloe 1915 Xmas Card unused
Knockaloe 1915 Xmas card

Isle of Man 2011 Knockaloe sheetlets MNH
2011 Knockaloe sheetlets unmounted mint

Isle of Man 1916 WWI Douglas Camp POW cover to Germany. M A R censor handstamp
24 4 16 POW cover to Germany used P.C. from Douglas Camp with M.A.R. censor handstamp

1915 WWI cover to Isle of Man from HMS Ramsey
AP 13 15 cover to Cronkbourne used London machine with faint circular HMS Ramsey censor.

Isle of Man SS Viking WWI censor cover to Southsea
1918 HMS Vindex censor cover to Southsea. Passed censor A.G.V.F. Cdr French assigned to Vindex (ex. SS Viking) in 1918.

Isle of Man 1916 Knockaloe Xmas card unused
1916 Knckaloe Christmas card unused